The Community Clinic is a safe and welcoming space for the transgender community with gender inclusive washrooms and transgender information for staff and patients.  The clinic has general practitioners on staff who have specialized training to support this group.   Upon obtaining a referral from the primary care provider, the Clinic will contact the patient to book a “Meet & Greet” with one of its physicians who will receive a patient’s medical history and obtain relevant health documents from previous providers.  A number of additional appointments are often needed to further explore gender identity and related issues as well as to build a trusting and therapeutic relationship over time.

Transgender patients may be referred to other medical professionals, either within or outside of the Community Clinic, to ensure complete patient care.  Such additional services may include:

  • Psychiatric assessment for diagnosis of gender dysphoria and/or basic psychiatric care
  • Endocrinologist assessment, prescribing and monitoring related to hormone blockers or cross sex hormones
  • Nurse Administration or teaching of self-injections of medications such as testosterone
  • Counselling to assist with the determination of gender identity
  • Physiotherapy and nutrition consults to optimize health
  • Pharmaceutical dispensing of puberty blockers and hormones
  • Lab work, such as the determination of blood hormone levels

For further transgender support and resources, contact OUT Saskatoon.