The Saskatoon Community Clinic hosts the Refugee Engagement and Community Health (REACH) Clinic at its downtown location. Appointments for these clinics are arranged through the Global Gathering Place in collaboration with the Saskatoon Open Door Society.

The Saskatoon Community Clinic is managing the project, providing Diagnostic (lab, x-ray, ECG) and Pharmacy Services. The University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine physicians are providing the medical care.

The REACH Clinic is for refugees who need initial health assessments and follow-up services.  Saskatoon Community Clinic will provide limited appointments with a Nurse Practitioner for follow-up care as well as ongoing access to Diagnostic and Pharmacy Services or will be seen by other providers in the community.

This service is a collaborative partnership with the Saskatoon Community Clinic, University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine (Family Medicine, Paediatrics, Community Health and Epidemiology), Global Gathering Place, Saskatoon Open Door Society, Saskatoon Health Region (Population and Public Health; Primary Health; Mental Health and Addictions) and TB Prevention and Control Saskatchewan, each group having an important role in supporting refugees new to Saskatoon.

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