Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

  1. What sets us apart from other healthcare clinics
  2. Helps us shape our programs and services to reflect the needs of patients and members and make more informed decisions regarding the future direction of our clinic

Under the guidance of our membership, the Saskatoon Community Clinic strives to provide equitable access to the highest quality primary health care possible – care that is continuous, person-centered, relationship-based and considers the needs and preferences of individuals, families, and communities.  The Saskatoon Community Clinic recognizes that high quality care is often least accessible to our most vulnerable groups. We commit to ensuring our delivery of primary health care considers the social determinants of health and to practice non-judgmental, interdisciplinary, team-based care focused on the whole person. We actively seek to work with our clients and members to create a space for inclusive leadership. As a co-operative, we acknowledge the social injustices that exist in our community, and seek to work with others to address these challenges in order for the health of our clients and our community to improve.

Our Vision:

Healthy people in a healthy community

Our Mission:

Excellence and innovation in co-operative primary health care

Our Values:

Collaboration – our community’s health needs are best met by active collaboration between people, health care providers and partnering organizations.

Accountability – As a publicly-funded organization we are accountable for the effective use of resources and we are committed to sustaining a strong co-operative for the future.

Engagement – People are engaged in decisions about our services and empowered to support their own health.

Equity – A healthy, just, and vibrant community is created when everyone’s health and social needs are met.

People Centred – We are respectful of, and responsive to individuals and communities.

The Board of Directors has approved a strategic plan for the period 2020 – 2025.  To view the strategic plan, click here.