When filling prescriptions our pharmacists are monitoring the safety and appropriateness of your medications by reviewing your medication record. We ensure dose accuracy and monitor for drug and disease state interactions, allergies and duplication of therapy.  We provide education on this information, along with the proper use of medications, possible side effects, storage information, use of devices, what to expect when taking a medication and other relevant information.

Our pharmacists can prescribe for some minor ailments, such as for mild acne, cold sores, diaper rash, muscle strains and sprains and other conditions. We may also be able to provide an interim or emergency supply of your medication until your next appointment with your doctor or nurse practitioner.

Our pharmacists are available to answer questions and provide advice related to prescription and non-prescription medication, disease management and health promotion.

The pharmacists and pharmacy technicians regularly communicate with physicians and other health care providers to co-ordinate care. For example, we may need to speak to your doctor or nurse practitioner to confirm the type of drug being prescribed, alternatives and other requirements.

We encourage you to order prescription refills a few days before the refill is needed as we may need to bring the medication in from an outside supplier or speak to your doctor. This is easy through our multiple prescription refill ordering options.