The Community Clinic operates as a co-operative, democratically guided by its members to ensure that it is responsive to the healthcare needs of the people it serves. Members are the keystone of every co-operative and an active membership is vital to ensure the organization remains vibrant and relevant.  Members of the Clinic help decide what services and programs are offered and help advocate for change in the community.

One-time cost of lifetime membership is $15 for Individual or $30 for Joint/Family. This charge will be waived in cases of financial hardship. Each year thereafter, on the anniversary date of your membership, you will receive a notice inviting you to pay an annual service fee. This optional fee helps to support the costs of the Association and provides a reduction to the cost of some non-insured services.

Lifetime Membership benefits in the Clinic include:

  • Voting at the clinic’s annual and semi-annual members’ meetings
  • Serving on our elected board of directors
  • Serving on committees and playing an active role in our association
  • Registering for members-only education programs, events and classes
  • Receiving communications from the clinic like Focus, our quarterly newsletter; and information about programming/services/events, provider availability, member meetings and other happenings

Please note that becoming a member does not make you a patient of the Community Clinic.

To become a member, complete the Membership FormNot only will your membership give you these benefits, it also affirms your belief in the Clinic’s vision of healthy individuals in a healthy community!