Have questions about your medications?

Our pharmacists are trained to provide you with information regarding your medications, interactions and side effects. If you require more in-depth information you can contact medSask Drug Information Service. medSask staff are available to provide timely, unbiased, current and accurate information on drugs and drug therapy free of charge.

Information is provided on various aspects of drugs and drug therapy, included, but not limited to – adverse reactions/side effects, compounding problems, precautions, drug availability, drug dosages, drug identification (Canadian, foreign), drug use in pregnancy and lactation, drugs of choice, pharmacology and therapeutic indications.

medSask is a non-profit organization that is sponsored by Saskatchewan Health. It operates out of the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition at the University of Saskatchewan, and is staffed with licensed pharmacists.

medSask can be contacted by phone at 306.966.6378, email at [email protected], online at http://medsask.usask.ca/.